Riding on a Donkey: a poem for Holy Week

You came at last, at last to the city,
That place of grandeur and squalor, righteousness and robbery.
You came knowing that this is where you had to be,
Knowing your arrival was the beginning of the end.
For this would be your final journey,
You would not leave this place till all was fulfilled,
A week that changed the world.
You came in triumph, riding in to hosannas,
As king, acclaimed at last by Jerusalem.
You came not in splendour, with trappings and entourage,
But a humble servant, riding on a donkey.
We see meekness and majesty side by side,
We know our Lord came not to be served but to serve.
We meet the God who washes our feet.
But soon our hosannas would turn sour,
Overrun with shouts of "Crucify!"
Because we could not cope with what we saw.
We turned on you, we ran from you,
We denied you three times.
We condemned you to death, and you took the cup,
You bore it humbly for all our sakes.
Riding in to hosannas, riding on a donkey,
Walking out to scorn, bearing your cross.
We drove you to death, yet in your death have hope,
For on the third day, you shall rise again.


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